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Vessel's Description
Previous Names : Cem Clip Cem Clipper
Flag : Panama Flag
Owners : Oakmead Inc.
Class : HRS Greece
Built : 1971 Honda yard- Japan
Tonnage :
Deadweight (DWT) 2,498 Mt
Gross 1,465 Mt.
Net 466 Mt.
Principal Dimension :
L.O.A. 77.97 m
Beam 12.30 m
Draft SSW 5.15 m
Speed and Consumption :
Speed   10 knots
Consumption At Sea 3.8 MGO
  Loading 0.45 MGO
Discharge Mechanical 1 MGO
  Pneumatic 3.6 MGO
Tanks at 85% 103.5 M3 MGO
Loadable Quantity :

About 2250 Mtons

Cargo Handling :

Loading at 250 MT per hour Mechanical, Pneumatic, or Pneumatic by trucks via network of pipes
on board.
Discharging -
Pneumatic: via 10 pipe at 150Mtons/hr basis 100 m horizontal + 30m
vertical distance, rate is based on clean shore pipes with no back pressure and excludes stripping time.

Mechanical: at 100 Mtons/hr directly to trucks through an airslide and bulk chute arrangement.


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